There’s No “I” in Team … Except When There Is

Hey Everyone,

So apparently I was incorrect last week. This week isn’t the last meet for the majority of the team, last meet was.

This week, we had one brave soul carry the ITC flag into battle competition at the Redbird Invitational (results). That single, brave, self-sacrificing, uncompromosing soul was… drumroll:

Beth McGreal.

She ran the 5000m. It was very exciting. Alas, she didn’t PR, meaning that this is the first update for which I have no PR’s to post. Way to let the team down, Beth.*

Anyway, that’s all I have to say today. Don’t forget we have our board elections on Thursday at noon in the Armory, Room 134. If you’re a member of the team, make sure to be there and help us Make Democracy Work.

* Only kidding! I’m sure you ran well, and had as much fun as you could possible have running the 5000m.

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Gina Relays and True Blue

Before we get into the meet of the post (get it?), I have the following announcement to make:

The club will be having elections on Reading Day, on Thursday May 8th at Noon. If you’re on the team, you should have received an e-mail with more details (if you haven’t, you’ll want to contact our club president Eric De Guevara. His e-mail can be found under the Contact Tab. Make sure you scroll down to the Track and Field board NOT the Cross Country board). Unfortunately, because graduate school is a horrible, soul-sucking monstrosity (seriously, just get a job), I will not be standing for re-election. Therefore, we need people to run for the position. Otherwise, our beautiful website will be neglected, and your parents will start calling you to ask you how you did (and we don’t want that, now do we?).

Minimal responsibilities for webmaster are the following:
Upload the results of each meet into our performance database.
Post weekly updates about the meets (a bit of gentle humor appreciated). You should post the list of records (both club and personal) set at the meet, as well as anything else you may decide is worth mentioning.
Keep the club calendar and meet schedule up to date.
Post the minutes of each board meeting to the website.
Anything else related to the website that needs to be handled.
Note: Unlike previous years, the webmaster DOES have a vote on the board.

A technical background is nice, but by no means necessary. Writing proficiency is probably more important, considering the whole “post updates about the meets” thing.

If you are interested in the position and have questions about it, feel free to contact me (Andrew Cholewa) at

Anyway, now that that’s out of the way, meet results.

Our team split, and went to two different meets this weekend. Many of our distance runners went to Gina Relays in Hillsdale, while everyone else went to the True Blue Open in Jacksonville. True Blue Open Results. Gina Relay Results.

At Gina Relays, we had the following personal records:

Abby Madden ran a personal record in the 5000m with a time of 18:49.24 (so…many…laps…)

Steven Decker ran a PR in the 800m wiht a time of 1:59.37. This was also his first time getting under 2 minutes, at least while running for ITC. Congrats to Steve!

Michael Giocolo ran a PR in the 800m with a time of 2:01.41.

Kevin Lapp (I love this guy’s name so much) also ran a PR in the 800m with a time of 2:06.14.

Meanwhile, at Illinois College:

While Quenton didn’t run a PR in the 100m, he did run the exact same time down to a hundredth of a second in both the prelims and the finals (11.13. He also ran that at NIRCA Nationals, meaning that he’s run the exact same time three out of five of his outdoor races). What are the chances of that? (Answer: While the chances of it happening to Quenton in particular is quite small, it’s pretty much guaranteed that this would happen to somebody at some point, considering the massive number of people running the 100m in any given year).

Anyway, in the 1500m, Hanna Smith PR’d with a time of 5:30.18.

Jayme Roberts PR’d in the 400m with a time of 51.75.

Quenton Hardaway PR’d in the 200m with a time of 22.66.

Ryan Brewster also PR’d in the 200m with a time of 22.74.

David Choi PR’d in the 5000m with a time of 16:23.02.

Next week, the team runs at North Central, for the last meet of the Season for a large fraction of the team (after that we start getting into finals, and beyond).

Till then, everybody.

Andrew Cholewa

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Millikin Big Blue

This past weekend was another small one. The team went out to the Big Blue meet hosted by Millikin. Full Results

However, just because only a few of our runners went, that doesn’t mean we didn’t have some excellent performances. Indeed, if the Conservation of Ninjutsu (Warning: TV Tropes link) is to be believed it’s expected. And Ninjutsu was conserved. Oh yes was it conserved.

Not sure quite where I was going with that. Anyway! We had two club records this past weekend:

Emuze Tare continues to obliterate the shot put records. This time, she broke the Shot Put record with a throw of 9.12m

Erin Murphy, determined to have been the record holder in every event below 800m at least once, has broken the 400m Hurdles record with a time of 1:07.31 minutes.

Meanwhile, we also had several personal records:
Erin Murphy set a PR in the 400m dash (and broke a minute for the first time) with a time of 59.96. Congratulations on that passing that particular milestone!

Jayme Roberts got a PR in the 400m with an impressive time of 51.91.
Ben Kanevsky was hot on his heels with a 400m PR as well, in a time of 52.07 seconds.

Short and sweet, and I’ll see you (well you’ll be seeing more words on the computer screen, anyway) next week.

Andrew Cholewa

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Twilight of the Eagles

This has been a rather quiet week, as our runners take a little bit of a well-deserved break after NIRCA Nationals. However, that didn’t stop a few runners from competing this weekend. We had people at the Eagles Invitational hosted by Benedictine University, and many of our top-tier runners competing at Illinois Twilight, the meet hosted by the UIUC Division 1 track and field team (not us!) this past Saturday. Results:

Eagles Invitational
Illinois Twilight

The weather was absolutely gorgeous. Clearly the Weather Gods were pleased with Scott’s sacrifice. Guess we just got lucky. Between that, and the excellent competition we broke quite a few club records on Saturday, despite the small number of people competing.


Illinois Twilight:
Emma Grimes set a new club record for the 5000m with a time of 17:48.14.
Quenton Hardaway has set a new club record for the 100m Dash, with a time of 10.80.
Jack Skelton set a new club record in the 200m dash with a time of 22.01.

Of course not all of our records were broken at Illinois Twilight. Jess Ayers set a new record in the 100m Dash with a time of 12.74 at Benedictine.

Now, for PR’s.

Illinois Twilight:
Yemi Sonoiki ran the 100m in 11.50 seconds.
Ryan Brewster ran the 200m in 22.76 seconds.
Greg Netols ran the 800m in 1:59.95

Beau Barber ran a new PR with a time of 24.19 seconds.
Erin Murphy ran 26.43 seconds.

Scott Luedkte (totally not a soulless automaton that the Gods gave us to replace the real Scott so that his parents never discovered that we sacrificed him in a bid for nice weather) ran a 52.46.
Erin Murphy ran a 1:00.88.

Shannon Sledz busted out a 2:24.18.

Great job guys and gals! Next week is … somewhere. I’m not actually sure, because a certain Head Coach (in the name of professionalism, I won’t mention any names) has rearranged the schedule a little, and hasn’t sent me the updated schedule yet.

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First Place at NIRCA Nationals!

This past weekend the Illinois Track Club traveled to Bloomington, IN for NIRCA Nationals. We threw on twelve layers, brought half a dozen blankets each, and prepared (with great glee I assure you) for a long, cold, rainy day…Only for the weather to actually not be that bad. Rather cold in the morning, but by the afternoon, the sun came out and the weather flirted with warm several times. Clearly, we should sacrifice someone something to the Ye Olde Weathere Godse in thanks. Yes. Something. Like a hat. Not someone. Like not Scott Luedkte. We’re totally not going to sacrifice Scott to ancient and malevolent weather gods at exactly 00:00.58.11 (military time) this Tuesday in the Armory in thanks for decent weather at Nationals. That’s patently absurd. On a completely unrelated note, we’ll be needing some more hurdlers soon. If you know anyone whose interested, have them send our head coach Ben Kanevsky an e-mail.

Quickly moving on, it was a fun meet for both the girls and the guys, with lots of close, and exciting races. For the men in particular, it was an intense meet, with us and Penn State fighting desperately for every last point. In the end, both of our genders managed to take first place, though the men by a measly three points. Now we have two very large very fancy trophies to be placed…wherever we put our trophies. But wherever they’ll be placed, I’m sure they are easily found, and are seen by thousands of people every day.

Now, for the real reason you’re skimming this update, records and PR’s!

First, we had several club records set by the women on Saturday:

Lauren Choi set the club record in the 3000m Steeplechase with a time of 12:40.57.
Lauren Jonen set the club record in the 400m with a time of 58.67
Beth McGreal set the club record in the 5000m with a time of 18:05.91
Hayley Dorfman set the club record in the 100m with a time of 12.86
Emuze Tare set the club record in the shot put with a distance of 8.49m
Erin Murphy set the club records in the long and triple jump with distances of 5.04m and 10.59m respectively.

Now, for PR’s:
Abby Madden – 18:58.49

Mike Kreiser – 23.43

400m Hurdles:
Scott Luedkte – 58.11

100m Dash:
Jesse Ayers – 13.00
Erin Murphy – 13.10
Quenton Hardaway – 11.13
Jayme Roberts – 11.50

Megan Mocogni – 5:08.10
Greg Netols – 4:03.40
Evan White – 4:04.65
Joe Zeller – 4:13.09
Zach Boehmke – 4:16.5

Lauren Jonen – 58.67
Erin Murphy – 1:01.2
Beau Barber – 54.68

Emma Grimes – 2:19.60
Aleta Wurfel – 2:35.37
Greg Netols – 2:00.45

Hayley Dorfman – 27.5
Quenton Hardaway – 22.82

Long Jump:
Yemi Sonoiki – 6.08m

Thea Cudnowski – 16.14m

Great meet had by all.

This upcoming weekend will be a relatively quiet weekend: A few sprinters will be traveling to Benedictine, while much of the team volunteers at the Illinois Twilight meet hosted by the UIUC Varsity team.

Also, now that we’re done stealing all of your liberties apparently, I’m supposed to be posting the minutes for our Super Secret Executive Board Meetings. My bad. Anyway, check out the board meeting minutes for Sunday April 6 2014. Very exciting. I get to vote now! And I didn’t have to dump any tea in Eric’s sink to get it.

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